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Black Tie Affair

Black Tie Affair

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Introducing the Tuskido "Black Tie Affair" one-piece ski suit, the perfect blend of elegance and functionality for the classy gentleman on the slopes. With its sleek tuxedo design and advanced technical features, this ski suit is sure to turn heads both on and off the mountain.

So whether you're racing down the slopes or sipping cocktails at the lodge, the Tuskido "Black Tie Affair" tuxedo ski suit has got you covered. Order yours today and elevate your ski fit to the next level.

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  • Waterproof & party-approved
  • Formal bow tie with snap closure
  • Arm pocket for easy card access
  • Zips from top and bottom
  • Vents for arms & legs
  • Roomy for under-layers
  • Collar-concealed hood


  • Head straight to après and watch the heads turn
  • Unzip from the bottom to quickly make a yellow snow cone


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great gift!

Gifted the tuskido to my brother and he loved it! He received a ton of attention/compliments on the mountain and said it kept him really warm.

Upgraded my old ski gear for something much classier

I wanted to make a statement on the slopes, this suit did not disappoint. Whether in the lift line or at the top of the mountain, I looked good. Got lots of compliments from other skiers and the people working the slopes. It was warm, kept me dry, and most of all, I looked good while zipping down the mountain…or the occasional fall. The zip hood was also nice when ice started falling, but didn’t ruin my fit. Also worth mentioning, no need for clothes underneath, plenty warm with just underwear and a T-shirt underneath.

Ian Cameron

Great quality

Kevin O’connor
the peak of snow fashion

This ski suit is terrific! Mine looks exactly like the photos. I had a great time wearing it it definitely fetched a few compliments and laughs. I also thought it was super functional - lots of pockets in useful places, zipper that starts from the top or bottom... generally, the Tuskido did a lot of little things that I liked and just seemed thoughtfully designed. Would recommend to a friend

Tuskido: Where Elegance Meets the Slopes!

Move aside, James Bond; there's a new skiing sensation in town, and he's strutting his stuff in a Tuskido! Picture this: my boyfriend, a blend of a dashing secret agent and a fashionable snowman, all thanks to this snowsuit that's part tuxedo, part "I'm here to party with the Abominable Snowman."

We unleashed this masterpiece at the Palisades in Tahoe, and boy, did the slopes get a dose of class. The Tuskido isn't just a snowsuit; it's a statement that fashion and fun can carve their way down even the steepest slopes.

The attention to detail is mind-blowing. The jacket with buttons adds a touch of sophistication with every turn, the bowtie stays put with a flair for drama, and the overall 'I'm too cool for sub-zero temperatures' vibe – it's like my boyfriend became the ski resort's unofficial mascot, with everyone scrambling for a selfie.

In the functionality department, the Tuskido is a winter hero. It kept him warmer than a cup of cocoa by the fireplace, and the winter wonderland was his runway.

Kudos to Tuskido for injecting humor into winter sports. Their customer service was top-notch, ensuring our Tuskido arrived faster than a snowball to the face.

In a sea of mundane winter gear, Tuskido shines as the beacon of absurdly stylish skiing. If you want to hit the slopes in a snowsuit that screams, "I'm here for the laughs and the moguls," Tuskido is your go-to choice. Skiing has never been this hilarious – or this classy!